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Monday, 2 July 2007

night shift

Night shift

So here we are again, and again and again.

Dark turns to light, turns in turn again to dark.

Awake becomes sleep becomes awake once more.

Hard is the night that kisses me good morning.

The sun comes up in time for bed.

Too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep.

Drift into a sleepless dream.

Sleepless, endless night shift.


shafton said...

....and you finally get tae sleep and ye dream o' chippers losin' tracks jist before isolation time's up an' men that won't work, cannae work, willnae work....... no? Is that jist me? Shit....

LaneyB said...

See....he sits about writing poetry and sending young ladies texts in the middle of the night whilst he gets double time..sheesh..

LaneyB said... he is cute though..

Charlotte@thechipshop said...

I notice you didnt mention you 15 daughters...oops! ahem......I did mean you daughter of 15 of course....

Charlotte@thechipshop said...


He's a lumberjack and he's ok,
he sleeps all night and he works all day,
he chops down trees and wears highheels,
suspenders and a bra.
He wants to be a girlie,
just like his dear mamarrrrr.

Love ya dad xxx

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