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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I seem to be getting bombarded with spam comments on my blog.  Rather than publish, I save and edit them into equally pointless and slightly surreal poetry.  I'm calling this exciting new genre "Spamoetry".


Faced with the Aspect
of shutting depressed near
Topper in multiply
 SOS! On-line backup, does a Bully job Here

Just cloud prices
services that volition.
See good storage of valuable
Digital occupation

In Online stand-in; this road very considerably.
If you desire something
unproblematic in? This industry and just like.
Parity! Ordered series but cloud unloosen

if you are occupation;
software program adaptation.

On servers hosted by some ship's company
will welfare from fund your files?
or do a lot of work on compresses, encrypts,
and transfers the data expansile?

1.2 is of the fate 500,
credit fourth dimension-consume
Another benefit is
that you get the be very irksome.

From home investment.
its identify.
Percentage and deal
all their substance in the cloud
and from nomadic devices.

To precisely cloud.
Online backup,
just now cloud,
not to unloose.
Reviews table service and
typically collects,
but hey, dig that iCloud.


Brian M Carr said...

Brilliant! That is truly creative & inspired.

Brian M Carr said...

and that is indeed the work of a truly creative man. Brilliance.

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